Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cousin Gavin came for a visit!

Baylee's FAVORITE cousin GAVIN came over for a visit today!
Gracie wanted her picture taken with the babies. Both ended up with hand full of hair!

Uncle Kyle got Gavin and Baylee matching LSU jerseys.

I still can't believe we both have babies SO close in age! Leah and I are TECHICALLY 1st cousins but I think of her as my sister!

Gavin got Baylee a phone for Christmas. Here is Leah teaching her how to use it.

Christmas DAY!

Baylee opening presents.....
Baylee with her Uncle KYLE

NeNe and PaPaw got Baylee Praise Baby DVD's. She fell asleep watching them!

Maw Maw and Papa came over and had Christmas lunch with us. I think they had a pretty fantastic Christmas with all of their GREAT-grandbabies born this year.....
Baylee and daddy RELAXING after a LONG DAY!


Uncle Kyle got Baylee an LSU jersey! It is size 12 months so it should fit QUITE nicely come next football season!

Christmas Eve at Maw Maw and Papa's

Baylee watching Santa on the bike.....NO idea! We had to strip her out of her Christmas dress....she was SWEATING!! Maw Maw, Baylee and I

Papa and Layton Daye (cousin Rani's baby boy)

Baby Aaden Blaine Money (cousin Rhiannon's baby)

Aunt Kassi is CrAzY

Carl and I left the house Saturday night to have dinner with his dad and brother at Sandbar. We left Baylee at NeNe and PaPaw's house. When we got back Kassi showed us her photography work! These CRACKED me up!!

SO sweet!

Sneak Peak

Everyone keeps asking when I will get Christmas pics posted. I have A TON on my camera and want to wait until I get back to Nashville to get them all edited. These were taken on Mamma and Daddy's camera. Brian and Trudie were generous enough to let us borrow Caroline's Jumperoo while we were in Louisiana to keep from opening Baylee's excersaucer and risk not being able to get it back in the box. She LOVES to jump! Baylee and her BIG SISTER Gracie (as Grace likes to refer to herself) We even took the Jumperoo to Maw Maw and Papa's on Christmas Eve to show everyone her SKILLS!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Santa BABY!

We hope you and your family have a Merry CHRISTMAS and Happy New Year! Love the BREWERS!

Monday, December 17, 2007

CHEDDARS and two fussy kiddos

Saturday afternoon Alison, Ray and RJ came over so we could exchange gifts for the kids. Neither of them were feeling that great but man are they CUTE!

For dinner we headed to Cheddars in Hendersonville. Here is the Russell family


Friday, December 14, 2007

Sweet peas??? NO!!!!!

Last night we tried sweet peas for the first time. She HATED them. Gagged during each bite. I kept trying hoping she would get use to the taste and maybe start eating it...NOPE! I finally switched to sweet potatoes and she ate every bit of it!