Thursday, March 26, 2009

Monkey Joes

These pictures were taken almost 2 weeks ago. Carl, Baylee and I met up with friends at Monkey Joe's and had a BLAST! My camera has been sent off to be repaired so I will be out of commission until April 6! For now I will post these pictures taken with Alison's camera.
This slide was a HUGE hit These two really adore each otherMy little sweet B grinning from ear to ear with a mouth full of cookies :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Monkey's Tree House

Today Baylee and I met Audrey, Jack, Henry, Alison, RJ, and Averly at Monkey's Tree House in Bellvue. Alisha and Ethan showed up shortly before we left so they missed out on some of the BIG fun. I was very impressed with the set up and age appropriate toys for smaller children. If it didn't take me 2 days to get there than we would probably go every weekend. It really only took about 45 minutes but it seemed MUCH longer. Some of these pictures aren't very clear but I just want to show the happiness and excitement on her face. She had a BALL!One area was for smaller kids with a ball pit, slide and soft climbing toys. The ball pit was a HUGE hit....even with the bigger kids. My poor little B has hardly any "girl" friends outside of daycare. It seems all of my friends have boys. She seamed to really enjoy playing with this little girl....whoever she was :)Before she realized that you were suppose to climb in the pit she kept running over and handing me the balls. On to the SLIDE

This is Jack and Henry. I have posted pics of them on here before. They are twin 16 month olds.

Henry on L, Jack on R

Little Jack JeffriesThey had a mini kitchen set up and Baylee loved it. She is such a little mommy

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Way back WHENsday

Don't those lips just make you want to smooch em? This was little B at 1 month old...i think ;)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sweet treat

Saturday morning Baylee found the candy jar with the candy left from her Valentine party at school.
Saying CHEESE with sucker in hand..notice the dark spot under her left eye. It is finally starting to fade.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sleepy head

Since the time change last weekend Baylee's schedule has been thrown completely off. For me to make it to work on time I have to have Baylee up by 6:00 to get her fed, dressed and ready to head out the door by 6:25. I took these photos Wednesday morning. I had to wake her up so we so I could get her dressed and ready. I turned the lamp on in her room and she squenched her eyes but did not budge. When I started to snap some pictures she started squirming but I still had to physically get her out of bed to get her awake :)

Black and Blue

Wednesday morning I got a call at work from Baylee's daycare. They were calling to inform me that Baylee had been injured at school. I always freak out when I see "All About Kids" on my caller ID. They said she was fine but had been hit in the eye "accidentally" by another child. Apparently she was in the in the line of fire when the toy was thrown. They told me that their was no need to come get her but they wanted me to know so I would not loose it when I came to pick her up and her eye was black and blue. Poor baby :(
I took these pictures after we made it home from daycare. It looks worse now...3 days later due to swelling. The very next day at school was picture day!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A night with TWO toddlers!

After the zoo Baylee, RJ, Ray, Alison and I headed back to the house. Ray and Alison had plans to have dinner for Ray's birthday. I kept RJ so the three of them, Averly included, could have a night out. They were both really great considering neither had much of the nap that day with all of the excitement going on at the zoo. Carl made it home from work a bit before Ray and Alison did and RJ was THRILLED! Oh how that boy likes to wrestle.
Here they are together on the couch watching 101 DalmatiansRay and Alison made it home pretty early so they could get RJ in bed. They spent the night at our house. Baylee and RJ have pretty much the same schedule as far as bedtime and getting up in the a.m. goes. Baylee was up at 5:30 Sunday morning and RJ was up shortly after.
Baylee is fascinated with our dog Maddie's cage. She gets in all the time and thinks it is so funny. This time she had a playmate so she pulled RJ in right behind her. Look at these sweet cheesy smiles! Oh how I LOVE these two