Friday, July 22, 2011

Itsy Bitsy Spiders

Yesterday I swung by Smartt Steps and picked up Baylee's dance portraits. I think they turned out super cute. No one would guess she was just 3 years old in this picture. In my opinion she looks at least 5 or 6!
 The photographer took A LOT of group shots. It was quite a challenge to get 9 girls to smile, pose correctly, and look in the same direction. :)
The video from recital night should be ready by September. I can't wait!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monkey Joe's with 4 wild and crazies!!

Saturday morning my cousin Leah and her 3 kiddos drove to Tennessee to hang out with us for the day. They are spending the summer in Kentucky since their Daddy is working there which means they are only about 2 hours from us. When Leah told me they were coming for a visit we figured Monkey Joe's was a good place to let the kids run wild. I took my Cannon with me with intentions of getting great action shots of them all. When I snapped the 1st picture it said "please insert card"! UGHHH.... I left the card in my computer after I uploaded Baylee's party pics. I did get some with my phone.

 Goofy Gavin
 Baylee and Kami were holding hands when they went down the slide. Kami looks terrified in this picture but she was really having a good time.

 YUMMY pizza!
 Crazy curls Kami!

It was a fun filled 4 hours at Monkey Joe's!

Monday, July 18, 2011

4 on the 4th

My sister was sweet enough to take pictures during Baylee's party so I wouldn't feel like I was missing everything. Plus, she has a AWESOME Nikon that takes beautiful pictures! We had a great turnout even with the extreme heat. Lots of friends and family showed so I was so glad we chose to have Baylee's 4th birthday in our home state of Louisiana. 

Baylee and Grace before the party got started.
 Colton (Grace's brother)...who was a grumpy pants during the first part of the party. Look at that pout! lol
 Miss Aubree Madison
 Sweet Aa
 Erin of my BF's. I love and miss her dearly.
 My MawMaw
 Carl and his PawPaw sitting in front of the fan trying to stay cool.
 Clay (Erin's son)...having LOADS of fun! ;)
 Callie Marie Sharbono (my cousin's Nathan's youngest daughter)
 Sadie and Rylie (Callie's big sisters)...not sure which is which. :)
 Hannah T...another BF
 Kinsley LeBlanc (my cousin Jaclyn's middle daughter)
 Melaina Spears (my friend Amanda's precious lil girl)
 My besties (Amanda, myself, Erin, and Hannah)...I miss these girls SO much. Except Hannah on the right. I see her every day since we work in the same building :)
 My cousin Nathan and his baby Callie
 My cousins Rhonda and Rhiannon
 Annabelle (Hannah's daughter)
 PaPaw and his girls
 My little family. Notice the yucky sweat on all of us??

 I guess Kassi didn't get the Memo on the silly face picture!
 My cousin Jaclyn and I
 and her oldest daugher Allie...who's cute as a button!!
 and her baby sister Laiken
 Those kids had the best time on our hand made slip n slide.

 My sister and I probably made about 35 water balloons before we decided to throw in the towel. What a pain!!!
 My cousin Casey and sister Kassi. I was so happy that Casey and her husband Allen drove from Pineville, La for the party. I miss her!!!

 Thanks for taking the picture John :)
 Birthday girl being silly about all the attention being on her.
 We went with cupcakes this year instead of having a birthday cake...and let me tell ya, I am SO glad we did. All 72 cupcakes that we made were eaten!!!

Are they not the sweetest?? I could eat them up!

She does this thing now where she'll smile real big and close her eyes....STINKER!

Jen Sharbono...the Mamma to those precious twins and little Callie

Tucked out birthday girl!