Friday, April 29, 2011

Outdoor play 4/10/11

A couple of Sundays ago Baylee and I went down to the playground after church and a nap. It was SUCH a pretty day!

She is not one that plays well by herself.  She fully expects whoever she is with to play with her. That includes sliding down the slide, swinging, and playing tag.  She wears me out!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

On the road again.....

In T minus 5 hours we will be headed down to Louisiana to enjoy family, crawfish, and celebrate the resurrection of our King. I am soooooo excited I can hardly stand it. I haven't seen my family since Christmas and I know they are all itching to get their hands on our sweet lil' B.  The only thing we have planned so far is our annual crawfish boil at my grandparents house on Saturday and church at FBC Vidalia on Sunday.

Doesn't those just look delish???? :)
They sure do to me anyway....and anyone else that have ever tried them for that matter.  I have waited nearly a year for these little puppies and I can't wait to pig out!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Lil' ladybug

Last Sunday morning I took some pictures of Baylee before heading off to church.  It was such a beautiful day and she looked extra sweet so outside we went.

This little dress is a 24 month in size.  It still fits everywhere but is a bit short.  I picked up a couple pairs of capri leggings from Children's Place so she can get more wear out of this dress and a few others.
Raisin' that eyebrow. Just like her Mamma!
She's a little giggle box!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring pictures

The quality of these pictures are not the best because they were taken of the actual photo with my phone.  She is the prettiest, and sweetest baby girl on the planet. At least to her Mommy and Daddy :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aging is for the birds!

Sunday was my 28th birthday and it went a little something like this.

Baylee and I were up and at-um early for church.  Carl stayed home because he spent 10 hours on Saturday helping a friend build a fence.  He was a bit tuckered out...and BURNT!

My sweet girl on the way to church
And on the short ride home. Literally it only takes about 10 minutes.
When we got home some of Carl's family had come over to have lunch.....and cake! Spaghetti and ice cream cake on a beautiful and warm Sunday afternoon. Can't beat it!!!
Not only did I have food waiting on me when I got home but my hubby cleaned house! SCORE!!! After Baylee woke up from her nap and ate a VERY late lunch we headed to the movies to see HOP! It was SUUUUPER cute!!! I may have enjoyed it more than she did.
Daddy and Baylee getting ready to watch the movie and stuffing their faces with M&M's and Sweet tarts:)

And since I didn't get a picture with my girl on my birthday, here is one from the day before.