Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday with friends

Last Saturday Baylee and I made the hour drive to College Grove to hang out with Hannah and Annabelle for the day.  Here are some pictures of the girls playing outside before we hit up Cool Springs Mall.

Annabelle chowin' down on some gold fish.

 Not sure what setting I had my camera on for this one but I sure love those baby blues.

Annabelle is a little over a year older than Baylee. They played so well together. They haven't seen each other since Fall Fest in October.

 Hi Mom!

We had a very full day of playing, eating, and shopping.  Both she and I were wore out when we got home!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Preschool days

Monday was Baylee's first day of Pre-School.  She has been in daycare since 6 weeks of age.  We pulled her out last September and here recently have been questioning that decision.  We are first time parents so obviously we are totally "winging it" but I think she needs that structure and interaction with other kiddos her age.  She is now enrolled in a school that is so above and beyond the other two she attended previously.  Not to put down the others because I know they loved, adored, and cared for the most precious thing in our lives.  Not to mention that the last daycare she was in had her COMPLETELY potty trained in less than 2 months!  Can I get an AMEN? :)  Anyway, on Monday Baylee embarked on a new adventure and she was PUMPED!  Mommy was too!
Check out that face. Crackin' me up!

Little poser with chocolate muffin in her teeth. 
Check out her new Polo kicks.  Since Daddy works for Genesco we get a whoppin' 40% discount at Journey's Kidz.  Guess who went shopping this weekend for school  shoes:).  We walked out with these and also a pair of Nike shocks.

Tinkerbell lunch box that Daddy took her shopping for. 

Man I wish I had thrown on a tad bit of make-up before taking this picture. I am in serious need of a tan!  At least the little cheeser looks beautimus!
Baylee with her MawMaw
One picture after dropping her off.  Doesn't she look SOOOOO tall?  She gets it honest.  Her Daddy is 6'2" and her Mommy is 5' 7". 
From what I was told she did GREAT!  I was a bit nervous for her new teachers.  She has been quite the little handful these last few weeks.  Hoping this new environment will do her some good!

Monday, February 21, 2011

In the mood for change!

Carl and I have only been in our house for two short years.  In that time we have bought new living room and dining room furniture (when we initially moved in), painted Baylee's bedroom, and painted the living room and kitchen.  I now find myself with that "itch" and want to change almost everything!  Recently I sold our dinette set that was in our kitchen, curio cabinet from our dining room, and console table (all of which we purchased nearly 8 years ago after we were married). Gotta love craigslist!  The weekend before Valentine's Day we made a trip to American Signature Furniture and made several purchases....all of which will be delivered on Tuesday!   I can't WAIT!  I have never been overly crafty, creative, or had an eye for design.  That is why I am totally weirded out by this new found "obsession" I have with redecorating.  I have quite a long list of things I want to change/buy.  I will post pictures when the furniture arrives and my house is back in order. 

Here is a website I recently came across that I just LOVE! I have been looking at it for HOURS!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Carl and I began the P90X program in January.  I came down with bronchitis after 2 days into it and was sick for about a week. I just completed month 1 and I am down 6 pounds!!  I was hoping it would be a little more, 8 to10 but I'll take it.  We work out 6 days a week and have one "cheat day" each week. Meaning we eat something we know we shouldn't. :)
I am hoping to loose another 13 by the end of the 3rd month. It is definitely working and I am beginning to see my body transform. This is an extremely intense workout that was SUUUUUPER hard in the beginning but I am now finding it a little easier each time because my body is building stamina and strength to handle the grueling work outs. 

You can check it out at

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter Storm 2011

  I have only been a resident of Tennessee for 7 years, but from what I have been told last Wednesday was one of the worst winter storms that has ever hit the state. All of the local news stations were reporting a storm that was heading our way that would reach Nashville around 3 p.m. I work in Brentwood which is about 10 miles south of Nashville.  All of the schools began to let out between eleven o'clock and noon.  It didn't begin snowing until after 3:00 p.m. but let me tell you, when it started it was coming down in sheets and stuck immediately.  The temperature went from 40 degrees to about 26 degrees in less than 2 hours.  We decided to close down work early (4:00) so I was on the roads by 4:15.  I made sure to use the restroom before leaving and knew not to drink anything during the drive home because I didn't know how long it would take me to actually get there. Traffic was bumper to bumper in every direction.  The roads were completely covered in snow and ice.  It took me 55 minutes to get from my office building to the interstate (about 4 miles).  I was hoping once I got onto the interstate I would be home free. YEAH not so much! The interstate was a sheet of ice and covered with a blanket of snow. You could not even see the lines. Cars were all over the roads because they couldn't see the lines. Long story short I left work at 4:15 and didn't get home until 8:45.  Yep you read that right, 4 and a half HOURS to get home!!! And you know what?  I know people that sat in their car for 5-6 trying to get home.  I cried twice while sitting in my car. Once because I was SOOOOO angry that I couldn't go anyway and second was once I had gotten close to home I could feel that my car was gliding on the ice and my tires had ZERO traction on the road.  The sports car in front of me started to fish tail and I just knew I was going to hit him. Luckily I didn't. Anyway it was probably one of the worst days of my life.  Needless to say I did not go to work the following morning. For one the roads were horrific and probably worse than the night before, and two I was so angry from the night before I just did not want to be at work. So, here are a couple of pictures from the morning after.

 Since I was home I got to hang out with this lil' lady all day long!
 I think she may take this blanket with her to Prom. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I ordered Valentine's Day cards this year but only sent them out to Grandparents & Great-Grandparents. I thought they turned out pretty cute.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mobile Uploads

A few weeks ago Carl and I got new cell phones; both Droids.  I love the photo quality.  These were taken the first day that we got them. 

She is ALL about making silly faces for the camera these days.  As you scroll through you will see what I mean.

Silly face at Tricket Honda (getting new brakes put on my car).  She was the entertainment for everyone in the room.
Silly face at H&R Block. Notice a trend?
Sleeping beauty
Heading home from dance class.
 Baylee and her buddies