Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More summer Saturdays

A few weekends ago Alison called and asked us if we wanted to ride over to their house to hang out and grill. We had nothing going on or planned so we headed over.
Baylee and RJ playing in his bedroom.And outside playing on RJ's tree fort that his daddy built for his 2nd birthday back in May. CHEESEMy favoriteThis picture makes me laugh. He was following every step she madeCarl's little buddySwinging in the hammock Our computer is currently being worked on. Hopefully we will get a call this week to go pick it up. These are pictures that I have previously uploaded, edited and saved to the blog without posting.

Lovin the playhouse 7/23/09

A couple of weeks ago I bought a kitchen from Toys R Us to go in Baylee's playhouse. Each and everyday when we pull into the driveway from work/daycare she begins saying "a house..a house...a house" over and over and over again. That's code for MY HOUSE. She and I both go into her house and play for a little while before going inside. Notice her swollen lip? We were inside having dinner and Baylee busted her lip on the kitchen table. She leaned forward toward her food and her hand slipped and she hit her mouth on the glass table:( Surprisingly enough she did not cry but for just a few minutes. I on the other hand was TOTALLY freaked out by how swollen her lip became. I was even worried that it may have did damage to her front tooth. The next day the swelling had gone down tremendously and she only had a scab on her lip. Now she is good as new!

Tennessee Ag Museum (7/11/09)

On Saturday July 11 Carl's grandmother and I took Baylee to the Tennessee Agricultural Museum to see the Tennessee Walking Horses (while Carl stayed at home with a stomach bug) My friend Audrey heard about it and passed the information along because she knew how much B LOVES horses. They also had free carriage rides and a Metro Police Office performing demonstrations on his horse. I was a little nervous at first because it has been a while since Baylee has seen a real horse up close. The girl had no fear. She walked right up and said "hey dorsie". The Ag museum has such beautiful flowers. I was hoping I could get a few pretty shots but B but she was MUCH to busy to stop and smile for Mamma.There was quite a long line waiting to ride in the carriage. Here are the Jefferies boys waiting their turn. Conner and HenryHenryBaylee spotting the horses coming. Each time they came back our way she got SO excited and squealed so loud.In B&WThere was a tractor right beside where the line was formed waiting to ride the carriage. All of the kids were taking turns "driving" the tractor.Finally it was our turn to ride. Baylee did great! If we wouldn't have had to stand in line for another 30 minutes we probably would have rode a second time.Eating cheese crackers (or cookies as she calls them)Cheese face!With her MawMaw