Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lost video

This video was taken at the Christmas Tree farm the day after Thanksgiving. I come across it when taking pics off my hard drive and I had to post it. If no one else but for Papaw and Ne-Ne.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Even MORE Christmas!

After opening gifts at Aunt Sister's house on Christmas morning we headed back to the house so Baylee could get a much needed two hour nap. We had plans to head over to the Russell's to spend the afternoon and have dinner. I was anxious to see what Santa had brought RJ.
RJ got a 4-wheeler from his grandma and grandpa Russell. He was too cute riding on it with his little helmet.
After RJ's turn he was nice enough to let Baylee try it out. Baylee never quite figured out that to make it go by keeping her thumb on the button. It was funny watching her try and make it go with her feet :) After a short time we turned it back over to RJ and Baylee was content just pushing her baby in the stroller. It was COLD outside so we headed back in and the kids played in RJ's big boy room.RJ and Carl playing football. RJ was hiking the ball I love this pic of little man! He REALLY liked Baylee's baby stroller :)Baylee really likes to play Ring-A-Round the Rosie. Carl is a better faller than me so she always wants him to play with her. haThe boys went upstairs to the bonus room to play Halo 3 on X-box 360RJ REALLY gets into it!

More Christmas

After opening all of our gifts we headed over to Aunt Sister's for breakfast and MORE gift opening. Baylee had a stack as tall as she is. I can now say that Baylee will not be getting and more clothes until spring/summer. Her closet is over flowing!
Aunt Sister bought this dress for Baylee. She brought it over on Christmas Eve so she could wear it over the next morning. Isn't she beautiful? I wish we had in when we had Christmas portraits made...oh well!
She LOVED Jordan's dog Lilly and I am pretty sure Lilly was quite fond of Baylee too!Josh and BrittJordan didn't want her picture taken since she had no makeup on.Carl and ISilly girlBrittney had the camera on this picture. It was suppose to be of me and my girl but Baylee lunged for the camera and this is what came out. Even though it is not perfect I love it!


Baylee slept in until 6:45 Christmas morning. I had woken at 6:00 and was so anxious for her to see what Santa brought that I could not go back to sleep. Carl went and got her out of bed while I grabbed the camera to catch her facial expression. Wasn't exactly what I was expecting but she was still half way asleep.
This gift didn't come from Santa. Maw Tez and PawPaw Jimmie gave it to her when we went to Louisiana for Thanksgiving. We kept it in the box until Christmas Eve and Carl put it together for her to see on Christmas morning. It has games that she can play when hooked up to the TV. She hasn't quite figured that out yet. Her BIG gift was a Little Tikes slide. She has always LOVED to slide anytime we go to the park or anywhere that has a slide. Not a fan of swing but the slide is a hit!Opening more gifts...Check out the crocs. Baylee is infatuated with shoes and wants them on her feet at all times. Piano from Maw Maw DotSanta also brought a Cabbage Patch Kid and baby stroller. Baylee however was more interested in sitting in the stroller than her baby.We went and got her umbrella stroller and let her sit in it to keep from breaking her baby's. Maw Maw Dot also got her a Radio Flyer ride-on toy. More slidin fun! She insisted on sliding with her bear from MawWe had such a great time with her! I know next year will be even more exciting because she will understand a little more.