Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer's HERE and the pool is open!

The weekend that my family visited our community pool opened. Baylee has been so excited to go swimming. I think swim lessons are in her future.  She is nearly 5 and is still pretty scared of the least going under and she HATES getting splashed in the face! 

Boy am I glad NeNe and PaPaw bought this Puddle Jumper. This will be her 3rd summer using it.
Can you believe these two are nearly 5 years apart in age? Baylee will turn 5 in July and Grace will turn 10. I think Baylee may pass her in height soon!
Baylee, Kassi and the creeper John

Friday, May 25, 2012

Zoo trip #2

Last Saturday we made our second trip to the Zoo this year.  My Mamma, sister, sister's boyfriend and Grace came to Tennessee for three days.  They got in pretty late on Friday night.  Saturday morning we got up and headed out to the zoo.

Kassi and John
My Mamma and me. I can't believe how well she kept up with us all weekend. Cancer can't keep her down that's for SURE!
Kassi with her boys. 


She got tired of walking so he was a gentleman and carried her. ha
Checking out the zebras. 

We celebrated nine years of marriage on May 24!!! NINE YEARS....CRAZY!

Throat freeze!!


On the zebra.....again!
DinoTrek. There are 16 life size dinosaurs along the path. This was the first we came to. A little too real if you ask me!

Daddy had to carry her because she was scared!!


Right before this picture was snapped I had my hand stretched out pointed at an iguana to show Baylee.  I didn't happen to see the one that was right in front of my face. It scared me when I spotted it.


Petting zoo

See the cat laying in the tree behind her?

We had such a fun time at the zoo....especially the girls.  We are looking forward to NeNe and PawPaw's trip to Tennessee and I think we are going to hit up Nashville Shores!!