Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Birthday party for Two

Sunday after church Baylee and I had plans to go to Jack and Henry's 2nd birthday party. It started at 10:00 and we don't get out of church until that time so needless to say we were almost an hour late. We booked it home from church, changed clothes, and dashed out the door. It was such a beautiful day. Perfect day for an outside birthday party in fact. This time last year when we celebrated their 1st birthday it was much different. It was COLD and wet! Click HERE to see last years party pics.
One of the birthday boys (Jack) and Ethan playing t-ballCute little Jackie Pie
In deep conversation ;)Baylee fell asleep on our way to the party so it took her a while to come around and want to get down and play.Who needs toys? Empty cans of beans is all a kids needs, or at least Baylee anyway.My friend Alisha was looking at my camera and snapped this pic of me and my Bay.The swing set was a HUGE hit!Blurry but still super cute!This is Zoe Lynn. She is just two weeks old. She is the baby sister to the birthday boys Jack and Henry and also big brother Conner.Mommy and Daddy Jeffries with their birthday boysLots of kiddos getting ready to dig into some cake!Jack, Baylee & EthanWhat can I say? The girl likes cake!Henry having some cakeThe birthday boysWe had such a good time at the party. Perfect weather for outdoor play!

Model Behavior

Sunday morning I pulled out my camera for a mini-photo shoot. While Daddy was getting ready for church Baylee and I were dressed and ready and had time to kill. Baylee took a few but they won't be making the blog. She didn't have the best angle :)
Smiling for the camera but looking at the TV. She was watching Rudolph.
My big blue eyed girlHiding from Mommy....These next two were taken upside down. I flipped them while editingI know I am her Mommy and all Mommy's feel this way about their children but man I think she is the most beautiful two year old girl on the planet :)And happy to boot!Up next: Birthday party for TWO

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Last Sunday afternoon we headed to Carl's Uncle's house to spend the afternoon. Carl was helping him do some yard work and Baylee and I was able to enjoy the awesome weather we have been having. I took lots of pictures with my phone but none with my camera. I am trying to figure out how to upload them onto the blog because I got some great pictures of Baylee, Aunt Kellye, and Mufasa (their ginormous dog).
I took these while we were on the road headed to their house. Baylee got a new pair of "gasses" andshe just loves them. She would put them on her head and 5 minutes later she would say "oh no Mommy...where my gasses?"
Yes I realize that they are totally crooked.
I didn't realize this at the time but Nikki pointed out that in this picture she looks like her Aunt Kassi. I have to agree with her.