Thursday, September 24, 2009

Zoo-Labor Day 2009

We spent our Labor Day at the Zoo. After Baylee woke up from her nap we headed out.
Baylee LOVES the movie Racing Stripes. When she spotted the zebras she started screaming STRIPES, STRIPES and wanted me to put her down so she could go check them out. Yeah...not happening!When we first arrived she didn't want out of her stroller. She was a little grouchy but after some Vanilla Wafers she was good to go! Lots of behind pictures I know. She looks so grown!"Look Daddy!"Petting stunk SO bad!Baylee LOVED the camels! YEAHK!A fairly new addition to the Zoo is a merry-go-round. Last time Baylee and I came she was not that enthused about it. This time however she LOVED it! We rode twice and she was very upset when we got off! Our second time around we rode Stripes.

After riding the merry-go-round and seeing all the animals we headed to the play ground area where we spent the next hour!

Look at that face. PURE JOY!

I am so glad Daddy was here this trip! The last 2 times that we have been this year I have come alone with B and I have had to go down all the slides and try and keep up with her. This time it was Daddy's turn! :)It was SO HOT!

After almost 4 hours at the Zoo it was time to head home. We were all hot and sweaty and Mamma and Daddy was ready to go! FUN FUN day!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I had to post this...

just because she's beautiful! This was taken earlier this year when she was at NeNe and PaPaw's house. Baylee LOVES her some Toby.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day BEFORE Labor Day 9/6/2009

We spent Sunday (day before Labor Day) with the Russell's. After church we packed up and headed to LaVergne.
Averly was playing in RJ's room when we arrived. Isn't she just the cutest thing? She is such a happy baby and has the sweetest little smile. Melts my heart.It wasn't very warm out but we let the kids swim anyway. I brought Baylee's swimsuit but instead I just put on a swim diaper and let her go. RJ is a total poser! He will cheese for the camera on cue!Future Pro. Baseball player? Maybe.....Love this picture. They are so cute playing together. Along with us, Alison and Ray had both of their neighbors over as well. Ellen is one of the neighbors kids. She really enjoyed playing with the little kids.Ray brought the radio outside and the fun began. RJ and Baylee began to BUST A MOVE for our viewing pleasure. I laughed so much my face hurt.
Very fun and LATE night! Baylee was up WAY past her normal 8:00 bed time but she had a BIG time nonetheless!