Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm slacking huh?

Welp seems school is keeping me PRETTY busy these days. I haven't taken many pictures of Baylee lately. I took a couple over the weekend and then snapped a few this morning just to put on here. Well our weekend was a little rough. Starting Friday night Baylee was waking up a lot. I thought it was due to the fact that we had thrown her off schedule by going out to eat with friends and getting her home late. Well come Saturday night it was the same thing but worse. I would guess she woke up approximately 7 times or more. It didn't take much to get her back to sleep each time.....passy and turning on her crib aquarium but it was still rough on me getting up so much. Sunday she was EXTREMELY fussy ALL DAY! Nothing Carl and I did worked. She didn't want to sleep, play, and all she wanted to do was be held. Sunday night was another rough one but not as bad as the night before. Monday evening I picked Baylee up from daycare. Later that night I ran my fingers across her gum line and what did I find?? A TOOTH! Yes that's right our baby has a tooth! Apparently all of the fussiness and irritability had to do with teething...and guess what she did Monday night??? Slept ALL night! YESSSSS Daddy and Baylee walking....I really think she may skip crawling and go straight to walkingThese I took this morning. Carl was trying to get her to open her mouth to get a shot of that tooth....didn't work. She automatically sticks her tounge out. I will try again later. Maybe when it is poking through a bit more.

Notice the pink bow? Welp the reason she is wearing it is because last time she wore this outfit a lady said "what a sweet little boy"! SO the outfit is blue but her bow is pink : )

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Such a morning person!

These were taken this morning around 6:20 a.m. I didn't get to see my bug last night because she was sleeping when I got home from class. Carl said he tried everything to keep her awake but at 7:20 she sacked out! I am taking her BACK to the doctor today at 4:30. She just went last Thursday and we were told she had a cold and a slight ear infection so she is now on antibiotics. I think it was Saturday when she developed a cough. Daycare called me yesterday to tell me she had a temp of 100.1. I called the doctor's office yesterday and set up the appointment. She is STILL coughing. Hopefully we will find out today what is going on in that little body and I PRAY that it is not bronchialitis so we don't have to do breathing treatments again with the nebulizer!

Monday, January 21, 2008

New Sippy Cup

So Baylee is a growing girl. We got the go ahead from her pediatrician to start introducing her to the sippy cup.....juice is all for now. Well I got a couple of sippy cups from my baby shower that were super cute! Unfortunately it takes a lot of suction power to get anything out. Basically she was just using it as a teething device. Of COURSE I ran to Nicki to ask her what to try. She recommened the Nuk. Carl and I went to Walmart and picked one up. She is doing pretty well with it. She hasn't quite gotten the holding it down pat but we'll get there.

6 month photos

I took Baylee Saturday to have her pictures made. I was debating on taking her because she has a cold and a slight ear infection. Well she woke up Saturday in a great mood to I decided to keep the appointment. I figured it we got there and she was to get irritable we could just didn't happen. She did fantastic!

I told them that she isn't a fan of being on her belly.....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

stollen pics : )

Here are some pictures I hijacked from RJ's blog! Thanks Alison! No one can EVER explain how much you will love your child until you exerience it first hand. She is amazing!RJ and Baylee playing

Monday, January 14, 2008

ummm so looks like the wedding is OFF!!

Ok so let me start from the beginning. Baylee has begun "talking"...which is really SCREAMING! She screams ALL THE TIME! Not a painful scream or I want something scream....she just does it because she can. Carl swears she should have a sore throat as much as she does it. So Saturday Carl, Baylee and I went to Alison and Ray's house. Welp everything was going great. Both babies were on the floor playing and Baylee began her yelling. RJ instantly started crying....actual tears even!!! We could not figure it out. Once he calmed down he would be fine...then Baylee would begin her screaming again and he would cry! This went on pretty much all day! See RJ doesn't go to daycare. He is kept by one lady in her own home so he has never been around screaming or crying babies. I guess it scared him! Here's proof...
RJ did fine as long as Baylee wasn't hollaring and his mom was close by! ha
Later that night we headed to Logan's for dinner.....Our waitress said to me what a cute baby boy....EEKS! I said ummm no she's a girl! That was the first time anyone has said that. I guess that's what I get for dressing her in blue! ha She then said....yeah she is cuter as a girl....nice save huh??