Friday, November 25, 2011

On this day we give Thanks.

Wednesday afternoon we made the drive to Louisiana to spend Thanksgiving weekend. We made it to my parents house around 11:30 p.m. On the morning of Thanksgiving Baylee asked PawPaw to make her a shark with the sidewalk chalk that we brought from home. 

Posing for pictures for Kassi.
PawPaw and his sweet B
Beautiful pouty face

Baylee, NeNe and PawPaw
and Kassi
Our Thanksgiving was full of good food and lots of family. Carl's Mom was released from the hospital on Wednesday so we are extremely thankful we were able to spend time with her that morning. She hasn't seen Baylee since July. After our visit we headed to Carl's aunt and uncles house for lunch. There were people galore! Baylee had a blast with all of the other kids. Not long after we filled our bellies we headed back to my parents house. When we got back Kassi pulled out her MacBook and we started making silly pictures with photo booth. Baylee got the BIGGEST kick out of this. She thought it was hilarious!

After a trip to Walmart for a Christmas tree and lights it was time yet again for another Thanksgiving meal. My grandparents came over and for the second time of the day we stuffed our bellies with yummy food. We have so much to be thankful for. I am glad there is an entire day for us to reflect on that.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Gotta love DROID pics

My sister requested that I update the blog. Well here ya go Kassi :) I haven't taken any pictures with my camera since Halloween....GASP!!! Nevertheless I am always taking pics with my trusty phone.

I take TONS of pictures of Baylee sleeping. There is nothing like a sleeping baby/child. Sweetest thing on earth.
This was taken one night on our way home from dance class. I found these headphones in an old box of Carl's belongings. I have no idea how old they actually are. Probably from his Walkman days.
 Sweet girl before church one Sunday. That smile can light up any room.
 One Saturday morning watching cartoons. Sassy lil' thang!
 Carl was in Louisiana with his Mom last week. While he was gone Baylee slept in the bed with me. She NEVER does this. However, I don't do well sleeping alone. I sent this picture via text message to Carl while he was at the hospital with Mom.
 Last Saturday Baylee and I did a little shopping. When she put on her sunglasses I said "Ooooh Hott Mamma" to which she repeated "AND Hott Baylee!". Guess she thought I was referring to myself when I said Hott Mamma. Funny girl.

 On our way to school one rainy morning this week.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sidewalk art...or something like it

Sunday afternoon Baylee said she wanted to play outside. Maw Tez bought her sidewalk chalk and colored bubbles for her birthday this year that we had yet to open it. We both took part in drawing. Here she is drawing herself.
 This is supposed to be Mamma......
And this is our family holding hands under a rainbow. Is she not the sweetest??? Daddy looks a little evil if ya ask me. LOL
 Then she asked me to make a Christmas tree. She connected all of the balls on the tree.
 What a cheap and fun outside activity!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Trick or Treat 2011

Baylee has been looking forward to Halloween since the day after Halloween last year. It is such a fun holiday for kids. This year Baylee decided that she wanted to be a fairy.

Who needs makeup when your whole face sparkles??

A family picture before leaving home.

She just had to take a picture with Toby...too bad it's of his rear! lol

We had such a fun night. Baylee was extremely well mannered and was such a big girl walking to each door by herself.

I got her to stop for a quick picture with Daddy.

By the end of the night she could hardly carry that pumpkin. We would carry it for her in between houses.
By this point she was cold and sleepy and just wanted Mamma to carry her.
Had to get one with our cheesy grins.
We all had so much fun! It was great having my Mamma there there to experience it with us.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Church and cake

Before church on October 30, 2011
 Me and my girl
 Sunday was MawMaw Dot's birthday. Baylee helped NeNe bake a chocolate cake for her.
 It tasted a lot better than it looked. 

 After several attempts they blew out all the candles. Nothing like Gumbo followed by chocolate cake and ice cream! Yeah buddy!!!!