Sunday, June 29, 2008

So we had quite a busy weekend. Saturday Carl, Baylee and I went to Publix and got Baylee's birthday cake ordered and stopped off at Walmart for a pool and some party decorations. Afterwards we decided to go to the Honda dealership to LOOK at the Accords. By 7:00 p.m. we drove away in my new 2008 Honda Accord. It will take some getting use to going from a midsize SUV to a car but I love it.
Here are some pics from Sunday.
During breakfast.....
Starting to get mad... She is RUNNING these days... She is up to something I'm sure My FAVORITE

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Shores......

I hijacked these pics from RJ's blog :)This one is my favorite of the day. Look at those smiles!
Baylee's eyes had turned REALLY red. We were trying to determine if she had gotten sand in her eyes or if it was the chlorine. Alison had a bottle of water so I flushed them out. Shortly after they were all better.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun in the SUMMER TIME.....

Carl and I are so glad it's summer. We have been looking forward to taking Baylee to Nashville Shores since she was born. And since she started walking two weeks ago we have lots of difference places we can't wait to take her to.
We were both worried how she would react in such a large pool with TONS of people. Well she had a BLAST. We were lucky to get there at opening and get a good spot under the shade. We sat everything down to claim our spots and then hit the "wacky pond". I forgot Baylee's hat at home so RJ was kind enough to lend it to Baylee. We then walked over to the beach area. They have a LARGE inflatable water slide. RJ, Ray, and Carl stood in line while Baylee played in the sand. It actually didn't bother her. That may also be because she had sandals on her feet that we did NOT take off. Shortly after these were taken she crashed on my shoulders. We waited on the boys to go down the slide before I headed back to our things to lay Baylee down in her stroller under the shade.
I missed RJ and Ray coming down the slide. This is what I got after they came down.

Carl came down next....After they had their fun we headed back to let the babies sleep....then it was time for Carl and Ray to have their fun. They rode the "music city racer" twice.

Waiting in line at the top....

After the babies woke up they played for a while. I had sunscreen on Baylee's head...which explains the outrageous hairdoThen it was back to the pool....After 5 hours of fun we headed home. I think next year we may get season passes.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Walk it out...

Not much to update. In a little more than a week Baylee has went from walking to RUNNING! She will just take off and it is so funny to watch. I am in the process of planning her first birthday...or trying to that is. Looks like she has her finger in her nose...Getting so BIG

just a regular night at home....

Monday, June 16, 2008

Carl's Father's Day Video

To MY Daddy...

I Love you!
Junior Prom
My Wedding Day...May 24, 2003Father/Daughter Dance to Butterfly Kisses...sobbing UNCONTROLABLY!Kneeboarding on Center Hill Lake in TN (Summer 2006)Cliff jumping DARE DEVIL! Christmas 2006 (ACTING suprised to get his new drill)And the tool set he knew nothing about ;)holding his first born grandchild (July 4, 2007)nothing sweeter... Visiting PaPaw in Louisiana (August 2007)Thanksgiving in the moutains..Gatlinburg, TNTwo peas in a pod ;) (Christmas 2007) Easter 2008