Monday, February 22, 2010

Chloe's Carnival Party

Saturday after Baylee's nap she and I headed to Hendersonville First Baptist Church for Chloe's 3rd birthday party. This is the first birthday party she has been invited to for a child from daycare. Carl and I visited HFBC several times before becoming members at Long Hollow. I knew it was a very large church but was utterly amazed at the Family Ministry Center. Baylee eyes were as big as saucers when we walked into the party area. It was not easy to get good pictures with the kids being in all out sprints the entire party.
Baylee and the birthday girl

After an hour of play it was time for cake, popcorn, and face painting. Baylee decided to sit at the very end of the table to be near Mommy.

Patiently for her piece of cake.

After a some cake and a bag of popcorn, Baylee decided it was time to go. She was not interested in having her face painted. We left about 20 minutes before the party was to end. She had such a fun time!Another note...she is doing GREEEAT with potty training. The only time she wears pull-ups or diapers is nap time and bed time. Lately she has been waking up from her nap dry but we use the pull-ups as a precaution :). She wears panties to daycare and around the house. Over the weekend I even kept her in panties on our trip to Walmart, Chloe's birthday party, and church. We are thrilled and so proud of her!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rub a dub dub

It's been a while since I have taken bath pictures of Baylee so I decided the other night to do just that. It is like pulling teeth to get this child to look at the camera and smile on que.Can't remember what I did to get this shot but glad I did. To get this picture I pretended to cry. Mean I know but look at that gorgeous smile!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We didn't make Super Bowl plans until literally last minute. Friday night CJ and Jody invited us over to watch the big game at their house. We got there about 30 minutes before kick off because Jody was studying for a Chemistry test. What a game eh????? Who woulda thought it? Certainly not me!
Jody decided to bake cookies during half time. Baylee assisted her in the process....or looked on that is.Our great friends. Thanks for inviting us guys! We wouldn't have had near as much fun had we stayed home.I was very surprised at how well Baylee behaved. Not that she is this horrible child but I wasn't sure how much of the game I could actually get to watch. I assumed we would end up leaving well before her bedtime (8:30ish). Don't get me wrong she was a little rambunctious but what 2 year old isn't? Now that I think about it, those two chocolate chip cookies probably didn't help :)
The boys...Carl and CJWe had made a joke that Carl and CJ both look bigger in pictures then what they really are. Poor boys just aren't that photogenic :)Hmmmmm now that I look at these and Jody weren't lookin' too hot either!Enjoyin' the game...OOOOH YES WE WERE!Baylee wanted me to take a picture of Lady. She was saying "Cheese Lady"What a great night! It was well after 9:00 when we headed home. We had to stay and watch the team receive the trophy and hear a few speech's. Baylee conked out on the way home and it was well after 11:00 before I hit the sack! GEEESH!