Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Pink Panthers

Tuesday night Baylee had her first softball practice. The age group she is in is 6 and under. Baylee is the second to youngest the team. Most of the girls are 6 or turning 6 this summer. I had no expectations during this practice. My hope was that she would just listen to the coach and have fun.

She actually did pretty well hitting. I don't know all the rules of the league but I think they are allowed 3 pitches from the coach and if they don't make contact then they use the Tee.

Here she is carrying her equipment bag to the car. It is almost as big as her but she insists on carrying it!
Can you tell in this picture that her lip is a little puffy? During practice got hit in the face by the ball. One of the coaches was tossing the ball overhanded to the girls to catch. She was by no means throwing it hard but she threw it a little high and it hit Baylee smack on the face. After quite a bit of crying and asking if her teeth got knocked out she was fine. Her coach felt TERRIBLE! I was a little worried she would be done after that but she went right back out there.
Oh and after practice the girls voted on their team name. They decided on Pink Panthers.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

18th Annual Tom King Classic

On Saturday March 10 I participated in my second 5K. Some of the physical therapy department at TOA asked if I wanted to do it with them. Here is Sara and I before the race. The starting line was at LP Field in Nashville.
 I was at the finish line when Sara crossed so I was able to snap a picture.
 My official time was 30:27. I finished 21st in my age group out of 47 runners. I was really happy with my time. I did Sherrie's Run in September of last year and I finished just under 35 minutes so BIG improvement.

Sara and I after the race 
 Sara and Leah after the race
I am now on the hunt for a 10K. I was planning to run one at the end of this month but hurt my foot pretty bad so I took nearly 2 weeks off from running. Now that the foot seems to be healed I am ready to RUN!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ballerina For A Day

In celebration of Dr. Suess's Birthday, Baylee's class were asked to bring their favorite book to school to be read and to dress as their favorite character from that book. She choose Ballerina Ball. Luckily for me Baylee already takes dance so she had lots of ballet outfits to choose from. I didn't even know about this until Wednesday morning and this was set for Friday!

Her classmates loved her outfit. When she walked into the classroom she twirled around like a little ballerina would and all the kids just flocked around her. It was quite hilarious.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Beautiful day for outside play

Last Sunday afternoon Baylee and I went to the park at Drakes Creek in Hendersonville. We haven't been since the new park was built last year. All of the old playground equipment was torn down due to the damage it sustained from the flood in 2010. Taylor Swift, a Hendersonville native, funded the new playground. Baylee had a blast running around and playing on everything new.