Thursday, November 15, 2012

Percy Warner Park

A couple of weekends ago we hooked up with friends and decided to go for a hike at Percy Warner Park in  Nashville. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!
Can I just brag on this little priss for a sec? We hiked over 7 miles and she was a trooper....SEVEN MILES! Yes she was carried part of the way by the men in our group but none the less she lead the pack the majority of the hike. All 3 hours of it!


God showing off his creation!!
Da boys 
Carl, Chad and CJ
Baylee and Mary with their matching tops and stylish stunna shades.

Brew Crew
The Montgomery's 
The Sahs's
My best little friends

Baylee and her boys. She has them ALLLLLLL wrapped!

Baylee said "Look Mamma, it looks like a picture"....assuming she meant picture frame :)
Taking a little break

Little poser
Exiting the woods and walking back to the car. We were all TIRED!!!

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