Friday, September 28, 2012

Mary's Birthday Celebration

A couple of weekends ago we celebrated Mary's 25th birthday. She opted to have some people over at her Mom's place in White House and have a bonfire and roast wienies. 

Bunch of goofs- Chad, Carl, CJ and Jody
These two are a couple of gym rats...and they want EVERYONE to know it ;)
 Mary with some of her peeps
 Jody making herself a s'more.
 Shannon and Mary
 Me and my little friend :)
 ....and her other half Chad
 Jody and CJ
 Me and my baby Daddy :)
 Love her to pieces!
 Shawn and Mary
 Mary and her sweet Mamma

 Jody: "Hey everyone, look over here so I can take your picture!" :)
 My BESTEST friends!
 Baylee and Riley ...these two had a blast together!
 The cute little couple

 And one last picture with my faves! THANKFUL for this group of friends! I love them dearly.

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