Sunday, October 9, 2011

Disney On Ice...lots of pics!

A few weeks ago I purchased tickets for Baylee and I to see Disney on Ice at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. I think I was more excited about seeing it than she was. Saturday morning I asked her if she wanted to wear her Cinderella dress. She said yes but "I'm not gonna do any skating!"

 This is her I really don't want to take anymore pictures face.

Hannah got tickets for she and Annabelle to go as well. We parked in the same parking garage and walked together to the Arena.

 My girl was so excited!!!
Our seats were A-MA-ZING!! We were dead center and maybe 12 rows up from the ice.

 Break before the second half

 When it was over Baylee said "Can we watch that again?" 

We decided to take the girls to see the Cumberland River when it was over. It was such a beautiful day!

 Aren't they the cutest?? L-O-V-E it!

After playing by the river we had lunch outside at a Mexican restaurant before heading home. It was a great day. Disney on Ice far exceeded my expectations and was THE BEST thing I have done with Baylee to date. I definitely plan to take her back if and when they come back to Nashville.


The Glenn Gang said...

Those "on ice" shows are the BEST! Glad you had fun! Even though we have Disney right here, I'd still take Jonah if it came here. We just had the Princess one but we skipped it due to the boy not wanting to see all the princesses skate!

papaw said...

Great pictures , the smile and expessions on their face say's it all , I'm glad y'all had a good day together !! You deserve it =)

Stormie's Mommy said...

Love all the pics! You two gals got some pretty babies!!! :)